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  • Location: Via Tiberina 28,100-00060-Nazzano(RM)
  • Info: Walk reserved for Dachshunds and their humans, in the marvelous Regional Natural Reserve of the Tiber Farfa. Immerse yourself in nature along the Tiber River. Convivial lunch and awarding of the Dachshunds
    Length 5 Km
    Duration 2 hours and 15 minutes
    Easy and suitable for everyone.
    Reservations required on or +393291111586
  • Data tour:14/02/2021 10:00
  • Mobile: 3291111586
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Sentiero Ripariale di Meana

  • Location: -00060-Nazzano(RM)
  • Info: Very beautiful and interesting path also for the presence of a turret and a hut for birdwatching in excellent condition and the possibility of admiring different habitats of the Reserve, from the Nazzano lake, to the mixed and riparian forest up to the reeds. Furthermore, this path has a great symbolic value as it is the result of the complex recovery project that the Park Authority has started for many years in the Meana area (now also home to the administrative offices and the Park rangers) to cope with the serious situation of environmental and landscape degradation that had arisen over the course of decades due to the excavation and storage activities of the quarry operating here. The constant commitment and work of the Reserve has made it possible to gradually restore the original habitats of the place, restoring their living space to the birds and avoiding the risk of dispersal of the same or abandonment of the area. The Reserve has also carried out the architectural and functional recovery of the existing buildings, transforming them into the headquarters of the institution and multifunctional center for naturalistic, educational, sporting and cultural activities.

    Difficulty: Easy
    Uphill difference in height: 10 m
    Duration: 2 hours
    Distance: 5.0 km
  • Data tour:19/05/2024 10:30
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