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Sentiero Conca del Lago di Nemi,del Tempio di Diana

  • Location: -00040-Nemi(RM)
  • Info: "Conca del Lago di Nemi"
    Route of the Temple of Diana and the Emissary
    Historical-archaeological itinerary

    The first part of this route, which is about 3,800 km long, consists of a stretch of asphalted road leading to the area of ​​the Temple of Diana which will be reached by following a scenic mule track. In the end, the area of ​​the Temple, which extended over an area of ​​45,000 square meters, was bypassed. approximately, the path continues inside a beekeeping company. It is from this point that the return journey to the Museum of Ships begins. The second fraction, always starting from the Museum of Ships, develops along the same route, in return, for a total of 800 meters. It starts by following the long asphalted stretch in the direction of Genzano di Roma, and then descends rapidly until you reach, first the fish farming plant, and then, between the cultivated fields and the shore of the lake, the entrance to the Emissary. The return route faithfully follows the same itinerary as the outward journey to the base point of the Museum of Ships.
  • Data tour:28/04/2024 10:00
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